Share Paper: Pre-Service Teacher Learning: Pedagogical Content Knowledge in Video-Based Problem-Solving

  1. Ugur Kale, West Virginia University, United States
  2. Pamela Whitehouse, West Virginia University, United States
Thursday, March 10 2:00-2:30 PM Oaklands

Abstract: This study examined pre-service teachers’ problem solving skills through the use of an online video case study. 80 pre-service teachers participated in the study with a 3-level video presentation by 2-level school teaching between subjects factorial design. The purpose was to surface levels of pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) using a content analysis framework drawn from emerging research on expertise, pedagogy, and content knowledge. The findings provided explanations for pre-service teachers’ PCK levels in a video-based problem solving activity. The elementary education pre-service teachers generated pedagogical and content solutions at a higher level than the secondary education pre-service teachers. Elementary education ...