Share Paper: Virtual Teaching Vignettes

  1. Carl Hoagland, UMSL-COE, TLC, United States
  2. Shafiek Dinie, University of the Western Cape, South Africa
  3. Margaret Scordias, University of Missouri-St. Louis, United States
Tuesday, March 8 5:55 PM-6:15 PM Hermitage D

Abstract: Video Teaching Vignettes (VTV) is a project between the University of the Western Cape (UWC) and the University of Missouri—St. Louis (UMSL) where exemplary primary lessons were recorded, shown to university pre-service teacher teachers and followed by a discussion of the pedagogy. The effectiveness of VTV was evaluated through self-reporting by university students using a paper or an online questionnaire. The students reported that 1) 93% of learned new strategies for teaching, 2) 98% saw strategies that would improve their teaching, 3) 66% would use the strategies learned in their teaching and 4) 93% had learned strategies that would help ...