Experience TPACK through the eyes of a Preservice Teacher: Learn how to teach the Mini-Teach Project Workshop

ID: 31961 Type: Workshop
  1. Teresa S. Foulger and Lisa Giacumo, Arizona State University, United States
  2. Mia Kim Williams, University of Northern Colorado, United States
  3. Keith Wetzel, Arizona State University, United States

Monday, March 7 1:30 PM-5:00 PM Location: Evergreen

Abstract: This workshop will provide participants with the opportunity to experience TPACK as a preservice teacher, with the intention of potentially adopting the activity into university or district professional development. The Mini-Teach project facilitates exposure to a variety of technology tools, and participants will practice designing TPACK-based instruction. In small groups participants will become an expert in one innovative technology tool of their choice. The technology tool will be one they have never used before. Next they will create a 15-minute TPACK learning activity whereby they are the "teachers" and the other participants are the "students." During the last phase of the workshop participants will co-create "added value" statements about the technology tools explored as well as reflect about the entire process, including how the Mini-Teach project might be adapted to their field. All participants will receive digital access to teaching materials for the Mini-Teach unit. Materials can easily be adapted/adopted to their teaching circumstances. International participation and social networking are expected outcomes.


Purpose Statement In recent years the interface for many of the Innovative technology tools, especially web-based social networking tools, has been increasingly simplified, to the point that a six year old can produce, upload, and share a video to the world through YouTube. However, preservice instruction has not adapted teaching pedagogy to the current circumstance. We admit that we have greatly underestimated the level of independence of today's preservice teachers. The Innovation Mini-Teach project addresses this shortcoming. This unique project is simple, yet takes on a pedagogical approach that assumes that preservice teachers: • come to class with minimal exposure to technology • have access to the Internet and the variety of tools therein • have the capacity to independently learn technology tools through their own exploration and small group support We believe our shift in thinking has lead to a process whereby teaching technology tools is no longer necessary. Now our focus is on facilitating the exploration of tools by our students, in a way that uses TPACK and exploration to put curriculum needs first, then addresses technology and pedagogy considerations. The research base for the application of TPACK to the Innovation Mini-Teach will be shared. Workshop Objectives Participants will act as preservice teachers to: • Engage in a constructivist-style learning experience Participants will act as university instructors and/or district. professional developers to: • Apply TPACK principles in innovative learning environments • Adapt the Mini-Teach experience into home programs • Adopt instructional materials for immediate implementation.

Topical Outline

THREE HOUR WORKSHOP: Introductions & welcome (15 min) * ice breaker * workshop goals Orientation to TPACK principles (60 min) * debrief background information Online module: http://mkwilliams.org/TPACKpreservice/Info.html http://mkwilliams.org/TPACKpreservice/Welcome.html Apply TPACK principles to learning environments (30 min) TPACK Discussion Guidelines: http://mkwilliams.org/TPACKpreservice/Discuss.html Instructors who use this project: http://innovations08.pbworks.com/FrontPage Example Project Guidelines: http://foulgersp09innovations.pbworks.com/ Example Student Archive: http://innovations2010unco.pbworks.com/ Engage in Mini-Teach experience (45 min) Add to a wiki: http://foulgersp09innovations.pbworks.com/ Reflect and Write an Added Value Statement: https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=dDVOeHcxSTc1VFdLSS1vTXhXVDBUV1E6MQ Evaluate potential barriers and facilitators for implementation (15 min) Reflect upon personal learning, the research base for this activity,& an invitation to participate (15 min) http://foulgersp09innovations.pbworks.com/ (See last step in process and associated template.)


Intended Audience INTENDED FOR ALL SKILL LEVELS AND ALL KNOWLEDGE LEVELS OF TPACK. Although the Mini-Teach experience has been studied through implementation with preservice teachers, this workshop is appropriate for those who facilitate learning experiences for either preservice or inservice teachers (university instructors or district professional developers), as the experience is very easily adapted to fit the needs of many circumstances. It is even fitting for teaching and learning or professional development circumstances with limited access to technology hardware, with participants who have little exposure to technology tools, and where participants have varying levels of pedagogical ideas Participants' participation is not dependent upon prior experience with technology, and no prior knowledge of TPACK is required. Ideally, a laptop or computer with Internet for each participant will be most effective.

Experience Level



Four educational technology instructors will be facilitating this workshop. The majority of them have taught the Innovations Mini-Teach unit for the past four years and include a full professor, an associate professor, an assistant professor, and a teaching assistant. Two major universities are represented in the instructor group. Additionally, it may be important to note that a total of 27 educational technology instructors have contributed to and are using this unit, in four different universities on two continents. The culminations from several cycles of action research investigations have lead to the following culminating articles: Action research has been conducted each semester on the Innovations Mini-Teach project for the past four years. The following culminating articles will be shared with participants: Williams, M. K., Foulger, T. S., & Wetzel, K. (2009). Preparing preservice teachers for 21st century classrooms: Transforming attitudes and behaviors about innovative technology. Journal of Technology and Teacher Education, 17(3), 393-418. Wetzel, K., Foulger, T. S., & Williams, M. K. (2008-2009). The evolution of the required educational technology course. Journal of Computing in Teacher Education, 25(2), 67-71. Foulger, T. S., Williams, M. K., & Wetzel, K. (2008). We innovate: The role of collaboration in exploring new technologies. International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, 20(1), 28-38. Available at http://www.isetl.org/ijtlhe/current.cfm Foulger, T. S. & Williams, M.K. (2007). Filling the gap with technology innovations: Standards, curriculum, collaboration, success! Journal of Computing in Teacher Education, 23(3), 107-115.


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