Share Paper: Student Response System (SRS) Satisfaction for Students in High School Biology Classrooms: Differences for Class Type, Prior Learning Experience, and Student Participation

  1. Rochelle Jacks, California State University, Sacramento, United States
  2. Chia-Jung Chung, California State University, Sacramento, United States
Tuesday, March 8 5:35-5:55 PM Two Rivers

Abstract: Today’s science teacher must not only be proficient in subject matter, but also in effective teaching practices and the technologies that can enhance those practices (Dani & Koenig, 2008). We know now however, that teacher centered lecture does little to engage or teach students anything. Student Response Systems (SRS) have shown to have promising effects on student engagement at the college and high school levels. They have been found to be beneficial for providing immediate feedback to the instructor related to student understanding of the content being presented. In this study, SRS were applied in two high school biology classes. ...