Share Paper: Successful experiences from a standards-aligned program to create Master Technology Teachers in Texas

  1. Melissa Lozano, University of Texas at El Paso, United States
  2. Brian Giza, University of Texas at El Paso, United States
  3. Angel Novelo, University of Texas at El Paso, Mexico
Friday, March 11 10:45 AM-11:15 AM Tulip Grove F

Abstract: Reports information from an ongoing and successful program to develop Texas-certified Master Technology Teacher to facilitate language arts activities. Experienced teachers in a graduate program are using a variety of instructional and online strategies, as well as open-source multimedia to build technology teaching proficiency in a Texas-New Mexico-Mexico border region Many strategies are specifically designed to overcome the digital divide in low socioeconomic settings with special focus on Tech-WELL (Technology with English Language Learners) initiatives