Share Paper: Examining Self-regulated Learning in Post secondary Learners through Problem based Learning (PBL) and Game play

  1. Anjum Najmi, UNT, United States
  2. Debbie Blackwell, UNT, United States
  3. Scott J Warren, unt, United States
Thursday, March 10 1:50 PM-2:10 PM McGavock's A

Abstract: Helping college students to deal with real-world problems in complex and dynamic situations who can make reasoned and reflective decisions, is one of the essential goals for higher education. When students take responsibility for managing their own learning through self-regulated learning it helps them become better strategic learners (Biggs, 1999). PBL methods combined with a coherent narrative within game-based learning where students have the choice and control on what to work on, how to work on it, and what product to generate, to monitor understanding and reach goals, can provide the basis for such learning. This study examines self-regulated learning ...