Share Paper: The Disconnect in Reconnecting Scientist, Teacher, Fellow and Student: A Teaching Partnership

  1. Thomas Haskell, Ohio University, United States
  2. Teresa Franklin, Ohio University, United States
Friday, March 11 1:30 PM-2:00 PM Tulip Grove F

Abstract: Grants are a growing aspect of the funding cycle in higher education and often within the grant structure there is a requirement to partner with K-12 classrooms or school districts in order to meet the funding requirements for the grant. This paper examines two GK-12 projects: Science and Technology Enrichment for Appalachian Middle-Schoolers (STEAM) and the Boat of Knowledge in Science (BooKS) and the lessons learned concerning changing roles when reconnecting the scientist, K-12 science teacher and student in a partnership among higher education, middle school and high school teachers and their students.