Share Paper: Podcasting with “Digital Native” Preservice Teachers

  1. Kevin Thomas, Bellarmine University, United States
  2. Kathy Cooter, Bellarmine University, United States
Tuesday, March 8 5:35-5:55 PM Tulip Grove F

Abstract: Abstract: This paper describes the use of podcasts with 80 undergraduate, preservice teachers in an introductory computer application class. In an effort to “meet digital natives where they live,” the podcasts were used to augment instruction by answering questions students had recorded on class exit slips. Utilizing their mp3 players (or computers), students could access the podcasts from anywhere. Five focus groups were conducted at the end of the semester to try and understand students’ perceptions of the podcasts. Surprisingly, the majority of students reported that the instructional podcasts were not beneficial. Students felt the podcasts were too time consuming ...