Share Paper: Online Teacher Professional Development in Mathematics Education

  1. Robert Powers, University of Northern Colorado, United States
  2. Heng-Yu Ku, University of Northern Colorado, United States
  3. Robert Mayes, University of Wyoming, United States
Wednesday, March 9 2:00-2:30 PM Hermitage C

Abstract: Online teacher professional development (oTPD) is increasingly becoming standard practice (Dede, Ketelhut, Whitehouse, Breit, & McCloskey, 2009) for universities who offer master’s programs for inservice teachers. When considering course design, two important themes emerge from the literature: roles of the instructor and community discourse patterns. First, the online instructor must have skills necessary to function in pedagogical, managerial, social, and technical roles. Second, course designers must be aware of online community discourse patterns as a conceptual framework for designing oTPD courses. This paper shares one experience in developing and implementing an online course for inservice secondary teachers on teaching geometry.