Share Paper: Digital Storytelling in the Science Classroom: Using Analogies to Improve Understanding

  1. Christine Chadwick, St. Mary's College of Maryland, United States
  2. Lin Muilenburg, St. Mary's College of Maryland, United States
Tuesday, March 8 1:30 PM-2:30 PM McGavock's B

Abstract: Technology is a part of everyday life and students use it in and out of the classroom. Students need to be digitally literate in order to use technology properly. Digital Storytelling is one form of technology that helps build digital literacy. Digital Storytelling that is used to inform can be a bridge to help students make connections to abstract material. This paper describes a study in which small groups of students created digital stories to help them learn the rules for naming and writing formulas for ionic and molecular compounds. Test results for this group of students were compared to ...