Share Paper: Building STEM Career Pathways for Technology-Enabled Youth

  1. Joyce Malyn-Smith, Education Development Center, Inc., United States
  2. Jeri Hasselbring, Adventure Science Center, United States
  3. Katherine Hayden, California State University--San Marcos, United States
  4. Patricia Jacobs, Shodor, United States
  5. Ruth Kermish-Allen, Island Institute, United States
Thursday, March 10 11:30 AM-12:30 PM Tulip Grove E

Abstract: What does ITEST research say about technology-enabled youth? What are the critical elements of STEM Career Development? How does knowing these help youth build capacity to use technology in the service of STEM? What have we learned about motivation, engagement and persistence on pathways to college and STEM careers? Why should teacher educators care about these issues? This panel will share critical elements of the STEM career development process and how interventions impact students’ career trajectories. Presenters will review lessons learned from ITEST projects, review and discuss the ITEST model for engaging youth, and share experiences that illustrate that model ...