Share Paper: University Supervisor Perspectives of the Remote Observation of Graduate Interns

  1. Teresa Petty, UNC Charlotte, United States
  2. Tina Heafner, UNC Charlotte, United States
  3. Richard Hartshorne, UNC Charlotte, United States
Thursday, March 10 5:15-5:35 PM Tulip Grove E

Abstract: The University of North Carolina at Charlotte’s College of Education has offers a 100% online teacher licensure program. One component of the licensure program is the Graduate Internship which involves the observation of graduate interns’ teaching. With many current and potential students located remotely from the university, the Remote Observation of Graduate Interns (ROGI) was developed. This technology-mediated method of observation allows university supervisors to observe interns geographically removed from the university. Since its inception in Spring 2008, university supervisors have been trained and are beginning to use this method of observation. In this presentation, we will present the perceptions ...