Share Paper: Technology Uses in Creating Second Language (L2) Learning Environments: When Learners are Creators

  1. Gaoming Zhang, University of Indianapolis, United States
  2. Yong Zhao, University of Oregon, United States
Friday, March 11 11:50 AM-12:10 PM Two Rivers

Abstract: Technology has shown great potentials in facilitate L2 learning since it can provide three critical conditions in L2 learning, i.e., language input, opportunities for language uses, and feedback. In theory, with today’s technology, anyone can learn a foreign language successfully. However, how learner use technology to create their L2 learning environment is understudied. This study addresses two research questions: 1) How do students use technology in their L2 learning? 2) What factors affect how frequently ESL learners use technology? The findings indicate that Technology use in L2 learning is not as ideal as the great potentials of technology that have ...