Share Paper: Grounding Geospatial Technologies Across Disciplines

  1. Marsha Alibrandi, Fairfield University, United States
  2. Donna Goldstein, Palm Bech COunty Public Schools, United States
  3. Jeremy Weber, State of Tennessee Office of the COmptroller, United States
Tuesday, March 8 2:45 PM-3:45 PM Hermitage C

Abstract: In the past decade, new studies have yielded results that should not surprise educators integrating geospatial technologies and content: including these in the curriculum enhances student performance (Hinde, 2009; Goldstein, 2010). Geospatial technologies, specifically Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software, provide educators with a new way to connect classroom learning with real world application. This practice allows students see how their learning today is relevant to their world and their future within it. In addition, GIS software is a powerful tool within the project-based learning environment. It acts as the common operating system for visualizing, analyzing and presenting real-world information from ...