Share Paper: The (Failed) Case of the Winston Society Wikispace: The Challenges and Opportunities of Web 2.0 and Teacher Education

  1. Jory Brass, University of Cincinnati, United States
  2. Storey Mecoli, Boston College, United States
Friday, March 11 1:30 PM-2:30 PM Bellmeade

Abstract: This roundtable presentation examines the case of the Winston Society, a short-lived wikispace created by a high school English teacher to foster collaborative knowledge-making and social activism among practicing teachers. Through an examination of the wiki, questionnaires, and a focal group interview, we examine why the Winston Society garnered limited uptake among classroom teachers. We then draw upon scholarship in the new literacy studies to theorize key issues in the study, including teachers’ discomfort with digital epistemologies and the potential of on-line “affinity spaces” and social media to mediate teachers’ professional development, networking, and political activism. By examining teacher responses, ...