Share Paper: Investigating the Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) Integration in University Level Classrooms in Taiwan through Observations

  1. Shu Ju Diana Tai, Iowa State University, United States
Thursday, March 10 1:30-1:50 PM Hermitage C

Abstract: As technology has been found to be increasingly impacting what’s happening in language classrooms, research in teachers’ computer assisted language learning (CALL) integration had shed lights on important issues, such as teachers’ perception of and attitude toward CALL and factors that affect technology integration in classrooms (Hong, 2010; Kamhi-Stein, 2000; Park and Son, 2009). However, findings of these studies are largely based on self-reported data. This paper addresses the need to identify the current status of CALL integration in classroom practices. Through observation and interviews, this study investigates what and how technologies are integrated and teachers’ rationales behind the pedagogical ...