Share Paper: Factors influencing ICT integration according to the teacher’s level of pedagogical integration

  1. Carole Raby, University of Quebec in Montreal, Canada
  2. Helene Meunier, University of Quebec in Montreal, Canada
Wednesday, March 9 10:45 AM-11:15 AM Two Rivers

Abstract: The research aims to identify which factors influence the pedagogical technology integration in elementary schools and to understand whether some of these factors differ as teachers become more experienced at integrating ICT in their classrooms. Thirty-one elementary teachers, working for seven school boards, participated in this study. Data was collected through a questionnaire, interviews, classroom observations and a week-long technology utilization grid. Data was analyzed using a content analysis procedure. The results show that certain factors seem to influence positively or negatively all teachers independently of their degree of integration, while some factors influence more the less advanced technological integrators ...