Share Paper: Podcasting, Narrated PowerPoint, and Web-based Stand Alone Instructional Modules: Three Digital Tools for Learner-Centered Classrooms

  1. Tiberio Garza, Texas A&M Univeristy, United States
  2. Sandra Acosta, Texas A&M University, United States
Wednesday, March 9 6:30 PM-8:00 PM Hermitage C

Abstract: President Obama’s call for more innovative teaching and instruction with technology (NTEP, 2010) underscores the importance of developing digital technology competency in teacher preparation programs. Pre-service teachers should have experience working with different technologies and the knowledge to teach effectively with the new technological tools that have emerged. This demonstration will present three digital tools that have been taught as part of the technology component of the bilingual education undergraduate teacher preparation program curriculum at Texas A&M University. These three technologies align with ISTE standards and allow teachers to develop unique learning experiences for their students and capture data for ...