Share Paper: Professional Development to Support Creativity and Innovation in Middle School Classrooms: Students Engaged in Learning Science through Technology

  1. Katherine Hayden, Cal State University San Marcos, United States
  2. Youwen Ouyang, Cal State University San Marcos, United States
  3. Talbot Bielefeldt, International Society for Technology in Education, United States
Friday, March 11 11:30-11:50 AM Edgewood

Abstract: The iQUEST Project is funded by the National Science Foundation to infuse the use of innovative technology in middle school classrooms to support teachers and students becoming 21st century workforce. The professional development model builds teacher confidence, skills, and knowledge while provided rich resources and support for the integration of technology and application of appropriate teaching strategies to engage students in learning science. Student interests and attitudes toward science increase as they participate in technology rich learning experiences developed by teams of teachers through collaborative lesson study investigations. Project classrooms are connected with scientists and experts through videoconferencing, online collaboration ...