Share Paper: eyeBooks on the iPad for Deaf Students

  1. Becky Sue Parton, Southeastern Louisiana University, United States
  2. Robert Hancock, Southeastern Louisiana University, United States
Wednesday, March 9 7:30 PM-9:00 PM Hermitage C

Abstract: Deaf children need rich language input in terms of both printed English and ASL. Often, however, adequate language models (i.e. fluent, native signers) are not available nor do teachers have the time for individualized, repeated instruction. To address the problem, the first storybook in the Lambert Libris series was re-created as an Apple iphone/ ipad application. The app includes the printed text, page images, ASL video for each page, audio for students who are hard-of-hearing, and interactive tabs to assess knowledge through games. The significance of this project is that it delivers language acquisition opportunities through an emergent technology that ...