The Global Forum: Integrating Multiple Communications Technologies for Engaging Students & Instructors Worldwide in Critical Issues

ID: 32208 Type: Full Paper
  1. Roy Tamashiro, Webster University, United States

Wednesday, March 9 1:30 PM-2:00 PM Location: Kingsley

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Abstract: The Global Forum refers to a conference, seminar or meeting involving students, instructors and experts at multiple locations. It employs several electronic communications technologies, such as video conferencing, webcasting, chat and other social networking tools. This paper reviews the results of several Global Forum events. Global Forum events reached many of Webster University’ 108 campuses world-wide. International collegiality resulted from the planning and implementation of these events. Student participants experienced a sense of real-world engagement in critical global issues. Educators participating in Global Forum events were inspired to apply its methods to raising awareness for other global issues. The Global Forum is not only a technology innovation: It is a tool for global communication and for building cross-cultural understanding. It raises awareness and transforms consciousness at all levels: personal, family, community, national, and global.


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