Share Paper: PBL-TECH: Using Web 2.0 Tools and Resources to Support Problem-Based Curricular Innovations in Pre-Service Teacher Education

  1. Thomas Brush, Indiana University, United States
  2. Anne Ottenbreit-Leftwich, Indiana University, United States
  3. John Saye, Auburn University, United States
  4. Krista Glazewski, New Mexico State University, United States
  5. Theresa McCormick, Auburn University, United States
Thursday, March 10 3:05-3:25 PM McGavock's A

Abstract: This paper will provide an overview of the PBL-TECH project. The purpose of the PBL-TECH project is to design, disseminate, evaluate, and sustain an enhanced teacher preparation model that will provide teacher educators across the United States with web-based tools and resources to teach future teachers to effectively implement innovative technology-supported problem-based learning (PBL) instructional practices. This proposed project is innovative because it provides: (a) a comprehensive suite of web-based tools and resources that teacher educators and pre-service teachers at institutions across the nation can utilize to develop effective PBL curricula, (b) opportunities for teacher educators to collaborate with experts ...