Share Paper: Pre-Service Teachers’ Experience with ICT Integration in Secondary Schools: A Case Study of One New Zealand Context.

  1. Hasniza Nordin, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
  2. Donna Morrow, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
  3. Niki Davis, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Thursday, March 10 2:45 PM-3:05 PM Kingsley

Abstract: This research focuses on the field experience of secondary pre-service students, and examines the development of the trainee teachers’ information and communication skills (ICT) asking ‘do pre-service teachers use their field experience to develop their potential to integrate ICT in schools?” This work-in-progress, case study in New Zealand, seeks to identify how pre-service teachers develop their ICT knowledge and to examine to what extent this knowledge is put to use and developed during field experience. Using Mishra and Kohler’s TPACK model as a theoretical base, students’ understanding of the links between pedagogy, content and technology were examined before, during and ...