Share Paper: Reflection 2.0: Using Recorded Voice Communication as a Tool for Reflection Formation in Teacher Education

  1. Dana Tindall, Xavier University, United States
  2. Kay Kyeongju Seo, University of Cincinnati, United States
Friday, March 11 11:30-11:50 AM McGavock's C

Abstract: Reflection is a human process that involves thoughtful adaptation of one’s perceptions to the surrounding stimuli. Inherently as it involves adaptation, it essentially is a learning process and can be conscripted as an instructional strategy particularly for educating pre-service teachers. The advance of Web 2.0 technologies offer a variety of opportunities for reflection to be used in teacher education. Especially voice recording for online collaborative communication permits an immediacy and convenience that text cannot provide. It allows groups of pre-service teachers an ability to assess confidence in their knowledge by judging a response to be vocally concise. The rich and ...