Share Paper: Discovering a Whole New Meaning of Problem-Based Learning with Online Social Media

  1. Kay Kyeongju Seo, University of Cincinnati, United States
  2. Dana Tindall, Xavier University, United States
Thursday, March 10 5:15 PM-6:15 PM McGavock's B

Abstract: Online social media such as blogs, wikis, and virtual words are under exponential growth. This is where our students spend an extraordinary amount of time. With highly accessible, network-based mechanisms, these new technologies are empowering students to create, customize, and share content online. This change opens up new opportunities to support problem-based learning (PBL) in the online context as it allows for diverse means for student interaction and effective ways to manage collective knowledge. With online social media flourishing well into education sector and their technical affordance holding promise to better facilitate problem solving, problem-based instruction can take a new ...