Share Paper: Effects of Extensive Engagement with Computer-Based Reading and Language Arts Instructional Software on Reading Achievement for Sixth-Graders

  1. Samuel Securro, marshall university graduate college, United States
  2. Jerry Jones, University of North carolina, United States
Tuesday, March 8 11:50 AM-12:10 PM Kingsley

Abstract: Abstract: This study presents evidence regarding the effects of extensive engagement with computer-based instructional software on the reading achievement of 86 sixth-graders, within a backdrop of two previous similar investigations at the same rural middle school between AY 2003-2007. A treatment group received computer-based, reading instruction for 24 weeks x 90 minutes weekly in addition to four, 90 minute blocks of conventional, in-class instruction. Control peers received conventional, in-class instruction in five, 90 minute blocks per week. Achievement scores on year-end, standardized reading tests yielded substantial gains for treatment subjects compared to controls, with an effect size of .92. The ...