Integrating a Live Medical Simulation into A High School Anatomy and Physiology Curriculum: CyberSurgeons

ID: 33061 Type: Roundtable
  1. Manetta Calinger and Debra C Burkey Piecka, Wheeling Jesuit University, Center for Educational Technologies, United States

Tuesday, March 8 11:30 AM-12:30 PM Location: Bellmeade

No presider for this session.

Abstract: The CyberSurgeons simulation aims to promote greater science literacy among high school students taking biology and anatomy and physiology classes. During the live simulation students connect with the chief medical officer via videoconferencing to diagnose and treat researchers and patients aboard a research ship stationed in a Brazilian rainforest. Teachers conduct premission preparation consisting of a thorough review of the simulation scenario, student roles, and tasks during the mission simulation, and content concerning the diagnostic process and clinical trials. During classroom CyberSurgeons simulations students remain fully engaged in their roles on the medical teams to provide patient care. Students exhibit a sense of urgency when dealing with serious medical conditions and emergency cases in the authentic virtual setting.


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