Share Paper: Teaching with technology: Aiding science teacher trainees' conceptual understanding through collaborative teaching and use of a computer datalogger

  1. Mawuadem Amedeker, University od Education, Ghana
  2. Victor Antwi, University of Education, Ghana
  3. Ruby Hanson, University of Education, Ghana
Tuesday, March 8 1:30 PM-2:00 PM Edgewood

Abstract: The growing diversity in capabilities among students being admitted into teacher training programmes in Universities calls for a multi-faceted approach to solving their special needs. To help every student to maximise their potentials, modern approaches to teaching that use collaborative effort of teachers and a datalogger are deployed to provide opportunities for students to express themselves and explore learning opportunities. In this study, first year physics major teacher-trainees studying Mechanics were taught jointly by three teachers who taught selected topics in mechanics by the use of a computer and a datalogger. The results of this study indicate that students’ answers ...