Share Paper: No such thing as failure, only feedback: Designing innovative opportunities for e-assessment and technology-mediated feedback

  1. Charles Miller, University of MN, United States
  2. Aaron Doering, University of MN, United States
  3. Cassie Scharber, University of MN, United States
Tuesday, March 8 2:45 PM-3:05 PM Evergreen

Abstract: In this paper we challenge designers, researchers, teachers, and students to re-assess and re-envision the value of technology-mediated feedback and e-assessment by examining the innovative roles feedback and assessment played in the design of two contemporary web-based learning environments. These environments include 1) an e-assessment system for postsecondary American Sign Language learners, and 2) a hybrid environment for teaching geography through the use of geospatial technologies. For each design we share a brief overview of the instructional problem, audience, and initial design challenge, followed by a description of the specific feedback and assessment design opportunities. We conclude with suggestions to ...