Tuesday, March 8
2:45 PM-3:05 PM
McGavock's A

Examining Successful Online Community and the Participants with a Triangular Prism Activity Systems Model

Brief Paper ID: 33066
  1. aaa
    Jung Jin Kang
    Michigan State University

Abstract: I-online learning community (IOLC) is designed for Korean elementary school teachers to share, improve, and create educational knowledge, resources, and ideas. This IOLC, which provides online and offline learning opportunities, has been regarded as a successful voluntary web-based community, and many elementary school teachers are using this site as their learning community. Many web-based communities are developed and then disappear continually. Why has this IOLC been used for almost ten years, and why are more teachers joining this community? How do teachers transform their online learning into their classrooms? In order to understand what factors cause the change, development, and transformation of participants, researchers need to understand their contexts, time (history), and transformation processes empirically. In order to achieve this aim, this paper constructed a triangular prism model based on reviewing the literature on activity theory. The discussions and conclusions will suggest the potential of this triangular prism model as an analytic framework.

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