Share Paper: Promoting Self-Regulated Learning in Primary Teacher Education

  1. Emmy Vrieling, Iselinge Hogeschool, Netherlands
  2. Theo Bastiaens, Open University/ Fernuniversität in Hagen, Netherlands
  3. Sjef Stijnen, Open University, Netherlands
Tuesday, March 8 5:35-5:55 PM Hermitage C

Abstract: Although teacher educators support the importance of the SRL concept, they often find it difficult to foster student teachers’ SRL in the educational pre-service program. So, the professional development of teacher educators deserves more attention to increase student teachers SRL opportunities in the educational program. To help them electronic resources and tools that are available on the workplace have to be developed. However, first things first. To be able to gain more insight and provide primary teacher educators with the relevant SRL aspects during teaching, the research questions of the present study were as follows: 1)Which SRL principles for primary ...