Share Paper: Intregrating Technology and Multicultural Preparation: Preservice Teachers’ Implementation of Technology-based Writing Workshop for Ethnically Diverse Students

  1. Connie Hargrave, Iowa State University, United States
Thursday, March 10 2:45 PM-3:45 PM McGavock's B

Abstract: The 21st century has ushered two significant changes into K-12 schools: technological change and demographic change. Helping new teachers develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence to effectively integrate digital technologies into the writing curriculum is a formidable challenge; as is preparing preservice teachers with the cultural competence and dispositions to meaningfully engage and effectively educate students from ethnic groups that have historically been educationally and socially marginalized. This presentation focuses on the methods and effectiveness of a one-credit blended course in which Caucasian preservice teachers designed and conducted a technology-based writing workshop for ethnic minority middle school students.