Share Paper: Assessing Professional Learning Communities in Graduate Programs Utilizing Face-To-Face and ITVN Courses: A Tool for Effective Mentorship

  1. Bernadine Duncan, Prairie View A&M University, United States
  2. Pamela Barber-Freeman, Prairie View A&M University, United States
Tuesday, March 8 5:35-5:55 PM Hermitage A

Abstract: The purpose of this research study was three-fold: (a) to determine the effectiveness of using the professional learning communities (PLC) model as an approach to facilitating the comprehension of course concepts by graduate level students, (b) to pilot a specific PLC model for evaluation of effectiveness in face-to-face and ITVN courses, and (c) to examine the effectiveness of mentorship with graduate students using this model. The professional learning communities model has been used in k-12 and undergraduate settings extensively, and the existing literature documented its effectiveness. There has been limited research about the effectiveness of this model in graduate school ...