Share Paper: Personalize eLearning System using Three Parameters and Genetic Algorithms

  1. Abuagila Musa, Sirt University, Libya
  2. Melvin Ballera, Sirt University, Libya
Tuesday, March 8 4:00 PM-5:00 PM Bellmeade

Abstract: Abstract: The growing interest of eLearning in educational setting has been exponentially proliferated focusing only on the development and delivery of content among learners. Many researches manage to develop learning materials and put it the web to become electronically accessible to everyone or selected groups of learners. Many researchers have focused on developing personalized eLearning mechanism to assists the learning process but few have considered multiple parameters. Moreover, personalized eLearning system seems to neglect how to maximize the learning due to exclusion of learner’s ability and difficulty level in the design and inappropriate learning sequence. With the employment of genetic ...