Share Paper: Student Expectations and Perceptions of Instructor Email Response Rates by College Students Enrolled in Online Courses

  1. Lucinda Willis, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, United States
  2. LeAnn Wilkie, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, United States
Thursday, March 10 4:00-4:20 PM Hermitage B

Abstract: Online learning has become a necessity at the university level. Technology is infused into all facets of life making the use of electronic devices second-nature. Instructors and students routinely expect one another to communicate effectively through email technologies as part of normal university discourse, particularly in online-only coursework. Proper email messaging structuring is essential to ensure that communication is understood by the receiving party (Thill & Bovee, 2010). Learner-instructor interaction is essential to many educators and highly desired by learners (Moore 1989). Understanding communication preferences of college students may help instructors achieve more effective online instructional delivery. The researchers will ...