Share Paper: Teacher training in Media Education: an experience with 150 teachers in Portugal

  1. Vitor Tome, Instituto de Educação da Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal
Wednesday, March 9 1:50 PM-2:10 PM McGavock's B

Abstract: We are going to present the results from a course called ‘School Newspaper and Media Education in the Promotion of Reading and Writing’, certified by the Educational-Teaching Council of Continuing Education, which occurred between January and July 2010, in Portugal. The course involved 150 teachers, from pre-school to secondary level. Technology resources were used on the course, which had been produced and tested in the ‘Media Education in the Castelo Branco District (2007/2010)’ project, financed by the Portuguese Science and Technology Foundation. Among the resources is the dvd ‘We’re going to make a school newspaper’, an on-line platform for the ...