Share Paper: PDS: Training In-service Teachers to Integrate ICT in Teaching

  1. Miki Kritz, Kibbutzim College of Education Technology and Arts, Center of Technology and Multiculturalism, Israel
  2. Miri Shonfeld, Kibbutzim College, Center of Technology and Multiculturalism, Israel
Wednesday, March 9 10:15-10:45 AM McGavock's B

Abstract: The collaboration between Kibbutzim College of education and elementary schools assisted in the decision to train the in-service teachers at school. The project was established in the framework of activities of the Center of Technology and Multiculturalism. Evaluation based on a survey to the participants was held at the end of the project. Results showed that the teachers have achieved ICT skills and learned to create ICT tasks for their pupils. Teachers were satisfied with the education program. Furthermore, they specified the contribution of ICT skills and pedagogical considerations in making online teaching materials. The paper will discuss the benefits ...