Share Paper: Mobile Apps Integration for Teaching and Learning. (Are Teachers Ready to Re-blend?)

  1. Ferial Khaddage, Deakin University School of Information Technology, Australia
  2. Christoph Lattemann, Jacobs University School of Humanities & Social Sciences - SHSS, Germany
  3. Eric Bray, Yokkaichi University Faculty of Environmental and Information Sciences, Japan
Thursday, March 10 4:30 PM-5:00 PM McGavock's A

Abstract: The challenge of experimenting with new mobile technological innovations for teaching and learning is a constant factor for teachers at universities. This paper examines some important features that mobile phone Apps can bring to the learning environment, and how these features are crucial to education. But are teachers ready to apply these Apps in their daily professional work. Are they prepared to integrate them? The role of teachers in today’s learning environment is also discussed. The re-blend of educational Apps are described and how this can serve the emerging mobile learning process and delivery needs of the learning community. This ...