Share Paper: Geospatial Applications for Content Learning

  1. Marsha Alibrandi, Fairfield University, United States
  2. Tom Baker, ESRI, United States
  3. James Oigara, Canisius College, United States
  4. Rita Hagevik, University of Tennessee, United States
  5. Patricia Stringer-Barnes, University of Tennessee, United States
Tuesday, March 8 5:15 PM-6:15 PM General Thomas

Abstract: New uses of Geospatial technologies (GSTs)from GPS to GIS to Google Earth and new online GIS mapping are increasingly common in everyday use. In this panel, two award-winning Geospatial educators, Rita Hagevik and James Oigara present current studies and applications in both Science and Social Studies. GIS specialist, Tom Baker describes national and international studies and research activities in the Geospatial field.