Share Paper: Geospatial Tools and Social Studies Teacher Education: Case Studies

  1. Thomas Hammond, Lehigh University, United States
  2. Elizabeth Langran, Fairfield University, United States
Thursday, March 10 2:10-2:30 PM Edgewood

Abstract: Geographic information technologies (GIT) such as Google Earth and GPS-based navigation have saturated modern society. These tools are beginning to enter social studies classrooms in the context of instruction on geo-referenced topics (e.g., migration, political affiliation). Effectively integrating GIT into social studies instruction requires detailed knowledge of technology, pedagogy, and materials. Three universities have implemented courses in GIT for social studies education students and have taught these courses for one or more semesters. Analyzing these courses as case studies—observing their institutional context, students, and instructors—can inform other teacher educators as they engage in the challenges of integrating GIT into their ...