Share Paper: Use of laptops by preservice teachers at the university: Does it help or hinder initial teacher training?

  1. Thierry Karsenti, University of Montreal, Canada
  2. Simon Collin, University of Quebec in Montreal, Canada
Thursday, March 10 3:25-3:45 PM Tulip Grove F

Abstract: Many studies have touted the undeniable advantages of laptops in classrooms: among other reasons cited in the literature, they provide greater information access, allow better collaboration among learners, and facilitate learning management. However, few, if any, studies have actually looked at the challenges and problems of the regular use of laptops by students in the classroom. This paper presents the results of a multi-case study with the objectives to (1) draw a portrait of laptop use by preservice teachers; and (2) determine the impact of laptop use on the quality of teaching and learning for preservice teachers. To do so, ...