Share Paper: Supporting the Transition From Student to Novice Teacher Through Online Learning Communities

  1. Susan Williams, Metiri Group, United States
  2. Jody Britten, Metiri Group, United States
Tuesday, March 8 4:00 PM-5:00 PM Bellmeade

Abstract: The goal of the Teachers Learning in Networked Communities (TLINC®) project is to use online communities to link university teacher education programs (TEPs) with local school districts in order to ease students’ transition to becoming a novice teacher. In the early years of the TLINC project, online communities served as repositories for calendars, resources, and student assignments for individual classes in the universities’ TEPs. More recently, TLINC communities support students in field placements by providing opportunities to discuss teaching problems with university mentors. These discussions serve to reinforce skills and concepts learned by students during the TEP and to provide ...