Share Paper: Designing the CloudBoard - an ICT tool for online tutoring in higher education

  1. Stefan Nilsson, University West, Sweden
  2. Monika Hattinger, University West, Sweden
  3. Lennarth Bernhardsson, University West, Sweden
  4. Lars Svensson, University West, Sweden
Wednesday, March 9 4:40 PM-5:00 PM Evergreen

Abstract: This paper concerns online tutoring in higher education. Observation studies of online tutoring sessions in two masters level engineering courses were conducted where teachers on campus tutored students located at different manufacturing plants doing their masters project. The tutoring regarded problems surrounding the construction of advanced 3D-models for manufacturing and required the shared view of the 3D-models as well as synchronous voice communication, e-mail and image sharing using a flora of different services. While advanced screen sharing applications like WebEX and TeamViewer were central in the tutoring sessions, the research presented here focus on the tools that supplemented the use ...