Share Paper: I Know I Am Supposed To, But I Just Can’t: Insights into Technology Integration in Science Classrooms

  1. Richard Hechter, University of Manitoba, Canada
  2. Laurie Anne Vermette, University of Manitoba, Canada
Thursday, March 10 5:15-5:35 PM Edgewood

Abstract: This paper is a preliminary report on the findings of a research study conducted with Manitoban science teachers regarding the nature of technology integration into their science classrooms. This project, a piece of a greater project, incorporated two open-ended fill in the blank questions on an online survey as the mode of data collection. Grounded Theory techniques were used to identify themes emerging from the responses. Findings indicate that while the availability of technology to be integrated is high, and intentions and awareness to do so is prevalent, the actual use of technology to enrich science teaching and learning is ...