Share Paper: The Millennial Generation: Using Web 2.0 Technology to Support Meaningful Learning

  1. Albert Akyeampong, Ohio University, United States
Thursday, March 10 12:10-12:30 PM Two Rivers

Abstract: The Millennial Generation also known as Digital Natives refers to those born between 1981 and 1999 (Lancaster&Stillman, 2002). The commonly access to and use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) have provided Millennial Generation with more information than any generation in history, thus, the environment that Millennials must navigate is more complex. Millennials are more familiar with, comfortable with and curious about emerging technologies (Considine, Horton & Mooreman, 2009). Howe and Strauss (2000, 2003) hold a positive opinion of this new generation as optimistic, team-oriented achievers who are talented with technology, and claim they will be America’s next ‘great generation’. Those ...