Cyberbullying- a Look at the CyberBullying Tool Kit

ID: 33496 Type: Poster/Demo
  1. Parry Aftab, Wired Safety.Org, United States

Wednesday, March 9 6:30 PM-8:00 PM Location: Hermitage C

No presider for this session.

Abstract: Schools can be very effective brokers in working with the parents to stop and remedy cyberbullying situations. They can also educate the students on cyberethics and the law. If schools are creative, they can sometimes avoid the claim that their actions exceeded their legal authority for off-campus cyberbullying actions. We recommend that a provision is added to the school's acceptable use policy reserving the right to discipline the student for actions taken off-campus if they are intended to have an effect on a student or they adversely affect the safety and well-being of student while in school. This makes it a contractual, not a constitutional, issue. Copies of the toolkit will be distributed. We will discuss the elements of Cyberbullying, and how to inform good practice.Participants from the session will be around to share their stories and ideas. wi


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