Students as Global Entrepreneurs: Why, What, and How

ID: 33651 Type: Keynote
  1. Yong Zhao, University of Oregon, United States

Tuesday, March 8 8:45 AM-9:45 AM

Abstract: Sir Winston Churchill once said “We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” Technologies we have created have also dramatically shaped our world. By reducing distance, enabling mass participation, and expanding human needs and capacities, technology has a created a new world that presents both new challenges and opportunities for our students—future residents of this new world. And education must act to prepare our children to competently meet theses challenges and take advantage of the opportunities. In this presentation, Yong Zhao proposes a new conceptual framework that views students as global entrepreneurs. Zhao suggests that instead of focusing on teaching students to become employees, we should teach students to invent jobs not find them. Drawing on research about globalization, cognitive research, and global education reform, Zhao will present the framework, suggest new strategies of education and teaching, and discuss why the current standards movement in education is taking us down the wrong path.

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