Share Paper: The Effects of Geospatial Technologies on Preservice Science Teachers' Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge

  1. Rita A. Hagevik, Univ. of Tennessee, United States
  2. Patty Stinger-Barnes, Univ. of Tennessee, United States
Thursday, March 10 10:15 AM-11:15 AM Hermitage D

Abstract: This study describes how geospatial technologies (GT) were used to enhance developing technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK) in preservice and inservice teachers. Eight preservice elementary, two preservice secondary science, and three inservice secondary science teachers participated in an experiential course called Ossabaw Island: Ocean Beach & Estuarine Ecology Education. Data was collected pre and post using an Environmental Attitudes Survey, TPACK instrument, and participant interviews. A panel of experts evaluated the teacher-created Google Earth tour. Analysis of the survey showed overall positive environmental attitudes with no change over time and a slight positive change in environmental behaviors. A significant increase ...