Share Paper: W11: HyperStudio as a Digital Storytelling Tool (Bring your Own Laptop)

  1. Melda N. Yildiz, Kean Univ., United States
  2. Samiha Matin, New York Univ., United States

Abstract: The goal of this three-hour workshop is to introduce educators to HyperStudio as a Digital Storytelling tool and explore how it can be used as an effective teaching and learning tool for 21st Century classrooms. This workshop is for teacher educators and K12 teachers who would like to integrate digital storytelling into the P16 curriculum, it outlines our experiences teaching video production, digital storytelling in our classrooms; offers creative strategies for producing media with youth and teacher candidates; and showcases their multimedia projects and digital stories. Digital Story examples will be shown. The different ways of using HyperStudio (i.e. the ...