Share Paper: Preparing Teachers to Teach in Online and Blended Learning Environments

  1. Jarl Jonas, Coursesites, Blackboard, United States
  2. Paul Resta, Univ. of Texas at Austin, United States
Wednesday, March 9 10:15 AM-11:15 AM General Thomas

Abstract: Twenty-first century educators, both teachers and teacher educators require training andexperience in online and blended learning environments. A common barrier faced by colleges of education in meeting this need is the lack of access to the technology and the requisite training to be successful. CourseSites by Blackboard™, a free, hosted online course creation and facilitation service, has removedthose barriers and is being used by colleges of education to help prepare teachers to educate digital-age learners. CourseSites is powered by the latest asynchronous and synchronous technology from Blackboard, provides self-paced and live training options including online pedagogy best practices, enablesaccess to ...